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Vintage Amethyst 3rd Eye Serpent Sterling Silver Bangle

Vintage Amethyst 3rd Eye Serpent Sterling Silver Bangle

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Vintage Amethyst 3rd Eye Serpent Bangle, a stunning piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and meaningful. This bangle features a coiled serpent with amethyst gemstone set in its third eye, making it a powerful symbol of transformation and spiritual growth.

Snakes have long been associated with transformation and rebirth, as they shed their skin and emerge renewed and revitalised. In jewellery, the snake is often used as a symbol of wisdom, protection, and renewal.

The amethyst gemstones set in the snake's third eye add an additional layer of meaning to this bangle. Amethyst is a powerful stone known for its ability to promote calm, balance, and spiritual growth. It is often used in meditation practices and is believed to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness. 

In many spiritual traditions, the third eye is believed to be the centre of intuition and spiritual insight. 


Sterling silver and amethyst.

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Length / Size

7. 25 inches wide meaning it will work well as part of a stack of for those of smaller stature it could work as an upper arm bracelet.

Weight 13. 2g

Care Instructions

How to care for your jewellery…
Store your jewellery in boxes, pouches or airtight containers whenever possible, avoid leaving in in wet or humid environments such as bathrooms. 
Gold or silver / rodium plating sits on top of the base metal used to create your jewellery usually brass, and should be cared for accordingly, things like perfumes, water, creams, fake tan and especially pools, sea and hot tubs are all detrimental to any plated jewellery. They are also likely to make sterling silver jewellery tarnish.  
If you live in a humid environment it’s best to store your jewellery pieces in airtight containers whenever possible. 
With time and wear plating will wear off and your item will tarnish this is the same for any jewellery, whether it is gold plated, silver or gold - all metals oxidise and react to the elements. By following correct care instructions you can keep your plated piece in perfect condition for years. 
When it comes to sterling silver or stainless steel pieces - well the more you wear them the better they look - so go ahead of enjoy them whether and whenever you fancy. 
How to clean your jewellery… 
You can purchase a soft lint free jewellery cloth online, please don’t use anything abrasive such as dipping solutions as the harsh chemicals will remove the plating. Avoid any jewellery cleansing cloths that are impregnated with special cleaners or polishing agents, they are likely to rub off the plating. 
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