About Me

Hello lovely person and thank you for looking at my About Me section... Here's a bit of my story and what inspired me to start my little business... 

Crafting, curating, and weaving the invisible threads of meaning that link humans together is my true passion. 

From a young age I have been captivated by jewellery - from chunky bracelets to layered chains or minimal adornments - it has always had an enchanting power over me. By starting September Twenty Two (named after my birth date) I'm able to connect with people around the world through shared appreciation of special pieces which not only decorate our bodies but also enrich our souls! So welcome beloved jewellery lover into my unique sparkly universe; allow yourself some time for exploration and to find something beautiful just for you!

Each piece of jewellery I own is very special to me and I like to create pieces that will ignite the same feeling in you. Jewellery is like a cherished friend - some pieces are lifelong confidants, they’re to keep me company on good and bad days alike. Others offer unfaltering protection in times of need; they have my back no matter what comes our way. 

And then there's those pieces that simply make you feel beautiful despite any storm brewing outside or inside your world. Of course, every so often it pays to invite out the party-goers for special occasions – making bold statements with each jangling step along the way!

I hope you enjoy shopping the collection of modern and vintage pieces I have created and found and feel free to get in touch with any questions there is only me running the business so you will always be talking to me. 

Anna xoxo